Heart & Courage: Art in Public Spaces with Western Canada Theatre

Heart. Courage. A love of arts.

Life after the pandemic means returning to home, to gatherings, and to the performing arts.

These are all themes in the now fully installed Art in Public Spaces gallery. For the first time ever, we are proud to showcase artwork at the Sagebrush Theatre in collaboration with Western Canada Theatre. 37 pieces from 22 local artists fill the lobby.

This installation is special for a lot of reasons. Everything has a story. Even installing the gallery has a story! It was very fitting that like-minded employees and volunteers ‘gathered’ to do intake and installation of the show. Our KAC staff met some amazing WCT volunteers and things felt almost normal again. So many artists and volunteers got to know each other through this period, and it’s exciting to think about the future possibilities of conversation over this gallery.

A thrilling part of this show is that regular theatre-goers view another form of art when they wait in the lobby; they can really contemplate the connection of the visual arts pieces to the performing arts pieces. Talk about double feature! You can find Western Canada’s 2021/2022 season here, and we encourage you to keep all the shows in mind when viewing the lobby gallery.

Western Canada Theatre’s 2021/2022 season is themed “A season of heart. A season of courage. There’s no place like Western Canada Theatre”. This is of course exemplified in their upcoming shows like A Broad’s Way Cabaret, The Wizard of Oz, or Echoes of the Homesick Heart. As mentioned, the idea of “home” or “returning to home” was an important theme that Western Canada Theatre requested of the submissions. This presents an interesting addition to Art in Public Spaces as the first time a theme was requested from an organization. This also presents an energizing challenge (or perhaps an advantage) to artists that work in a certain style.

As is true for all forms of art, whether theatric or visual, Mathiole said it best when he suggested, “art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

So the next time you see a Western Canada Theatre production, or anything happening at the Sagebrush Theatre, take a moment to admire the thematic works around the lobby and realize that in the arts… you’re home.

Art Changes Lives