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Annual Art Exposed Exhibition – Friday, March 3rd to Sunday, March 12th, 2023




– Artists are invited to enter up to TWO ORIGINAL artworks, appropriately mounted or framed for exhibition, in either Established, Emerging, or Youth Artists category. Art may be in any medium, for example: painting, drawing, hand print-making, digital print-making, photography, fibre arts, ceramics, sculpture and mixed media.
– Members $25 first piece, $15 for second piece (youth first piece $10, and second piece $15)
– Non-members $35 first piece, $25 for second piece (youth first piece $15, and second piece $20)
– SIZE RESTRICTIONS – Width 4 feet or under including frame
Any artwork between 4 and 6 feet wide will be considered in an ‘over size’ category and will require an additional fee of $10 – No artwork over 6 feet wide is permitted. Sculptural pieces must not have a footprint over 4 feet by 4 feet or weigh over 50 pounds.

– VOLUNTEERING: Many hands make light work; this exhibition would not be possible without you! Participating artists are required to sign up for volunteer. Click HERE to sign up for volunteer.

Deadline: February 14th, 2023

SALES – All sales will be processed through KAC. A commission of 20% will be charged to KAC members, and 40% will be charged to non-members. Works not for sale must be marked NFS on the submission form. All work will remain on display until the end of the show. Visa and MC will be made available for buyers. All artwork for sale will be listed in our online shop on the KAC website. Cheques will be paid to the artists within 6 weeks following the closing of the show.


– Is it ORIGINAL? Artwork that is a direct copy of another artist’s work is not permitted.

– 2D artwork must be framed in a professional manner, unless it is not appropriate to do so. Pieces on canvas must be finished and dried. Framing is optional.

– A wire hanging system is required for 2D. D-rings with plastic wrapped hanging wired must be installed at the back of the piece. Pieces without hanging system will NOT be accepted.

– Artwork must have been completed in the past 18 months. Artwork that has been previously exhibited at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre will NOT be accepted.

– Any artwork that requires difficult or delicate installation instructions(such as sculpture or stained glass) must be installed by the artist. If pieces require specific hardware, installation instructions, or a special display unit, they must accompany the piece. Sculpture should be mounted on a suitable base, if required. Jewellery: Beads or pendant pieces must be presented artistically. We have a limited number of plexi display cases which will be reserved for fragile or valuable items.

INTAKE/ARTWORK DROP OFF – Thursday, Feb. 16th to Sunday, Feb. 19th, and Tuesday, Feb. 21st
This will be done by appointment – Click HERE to book your drop off time. 

1. All submissions are FINAL. Change of titles, prices, bio/statement are NOT ACCEPTED.

2. Artwork drop-off by appointment 15 min per person. Please be on time.

3. All artwork must meet KAC hanging standards – D-rings with plastic wrapped hanging wire securely attached to the back of the artwork. Art pieces without hanging WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

4. All artwork must have an artist ID tag in a zip-lock attached with a pin to the wire at the back.

5. ID tag must be fully filled out – volunteer/staff will add the assigned number to each piece submitted (find this on the intake spreadsheet).

6. Artist must initial the intake spreadsheet, checking spelling and information is accurate (no changes allowed – only obvious name/spelling mistakes) CORRECTIONS – NOTE corrections on the spreadsheet then make a note on a post it – attach the post-it to the artwork place artwork in a separate location from the rest of the intake artwork. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY AND BE SPECIFIC

7. Find your Title Card, Artist Biography and Artist Statement – place in ziplock baggie with corresponding artwork – volunteer will place artwork in one of the galleries.

* VOLUNTEERING: Many hands make light work; this exhibition would not be possible without you! Participating artists are required to sign up for volunteer. Click HERE to sign up for volunteer.

We will need to get the Main, Alcove and Vault Galleries patched and painted, as well as all of our wallboards and plinths (stands for displaying sculpture and 3D items)

OFFICE ADMIN/COMPUTER OR TELEPHONE – We will need helpers to make up the title cards, Artist Biographies, and statements. Make calls to volunteers, upload images onto our website… and the like. Most tasks are simple in nature, just time consuming.

INSTALLATION – Saturday, Feb. 25th to Wednesday, March 1st
Hanging artwork in any of our galleries and the upstairs courtroom. These are two-hour shifts working in groups of two.

This will be open only to the participating artists and artists who have received awards as well as one or two friends or family members to come with them to accept their award.

RECEPTION / GALLERY SIT – Welcoming and counting visitors during the duration of the show.

STRIKE/ARTWORK PICK UP – March 14th – 18th. Signing out artists when they pick up art pieces. All unclaimed artwork will become the property of the Kamloops Arts Council.

Click HERE to sign up for volunteer.
Remember to check the tabs at the bottom of the sign-up sheet for all options.


Click HERE to see The difference between an artist statement and bio. 

Note: If you do not see any emails from the KAC in your inbox, please check your junk folder


Submission Form 

Art Exposed Submission Form
Address *
Are you a member of the KAC? *

Not sure if you're a member? Email admin@kamloopsarts.ca and we will check for you!

Maximum upload size: 16.78MB
Are you on Social Media (ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pintrest, etc)? *

Are you an Emerging or Established Artist? Answering YES to 5 or more questions would place you in the Established Category:

I have professional arts and/or cultural qualifications/Post Secondary education.
I have attended formal art classes and workshops.
I have devoted significant time to arts practice (more than 3 years).
I have been recognized as a professional by peers
I have publicly exhibited my work (group or solo exhibition).
I have won prizes or awards.
I have been commissioned or employed on the basis of art skills.
I have earned income from my art.
I am a member of a professional association (or associations) as a professional artist.
I feel I have technical mastery and professional presentation of my work.
Check Applicable Box

Entries: Maximum 2 pieces. THESE ARE FINAL. No substitutions or changes will be accepted after they have been submitted on this form. Please take the time to make sure you are satisfied with your title, price and artwork in general. Thank you. REMINDER – Size Restrictions – Width 4 feet or under including the frame. Anything between 4 and 6 feet wide requires an additional fee, artwork over 6 feet wide is not permitted. 3D art must not exceed a 4 foot by 4 foot footprint, or weigh more than 50 pounds. PRICE: if not for sale, please put NFS.

Is the entry Wall Mounted (2D) or Free Standing (3D) *
Maximum upload size: 16.78MB
Please include images of the artwork you would like to submit. Please label each image with ARTIST NAME / TITLE / MEDIUM / SIZE / PRICE. Please submit images cropped with no background, showing image only.
Wall Mounted (2D) or Free Standing (3D)
IMAGE (NOTE: artwork images will be uploaded onto our website and made available for purchase unless they are not for sale. Please upload the best quality image you are able to – image only with no background.) Size maximum is total images uploaded.
Maximum upload size: 16.78MB
Please include images of the artwork you would like to submit. Please label each image with ARTIST NAME / TITLE / MEDIUM / SIZE / PRICE. Please submit images cropped with no background, showing image only.
Pricing Options - KAC Members 20% Commission on sales *
KAC NON-MEMBERS – 40% Commission on sales *
KAC Membership (Not Applicable if already an active member)
Would you like one of our esteemed Jurors to Critique your work? This is a fabulous opportunity. Our jurors can offer gentle advice from a professional, and varied point of view that you may not have considered before to help you to grow and expand as an artist. There is a $10 fee. These take place on Saturday March 4, between 10am and 4pm.
I certify that my submission is an original work of art, designed and created by me within the last 18 months. *
This artwork has not been exhibited previously in the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre *
I understand that all artwork must remain on display at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre from March 1 - March 13, 2023 *
(We will be hanging art starting March 1)
I understand that KAC reserves the right to use photographs of all submitted artwork for promotional purposes. I agree to a 20% commission (members) or 40% commission (non-members) on all displayed artworks sold. *
I understand that by submitting I indicate that I have read and agree to all guidelines and agree to provide all information and services. *
I am aware the Kamloops Arts Council is NOT responsible for any loss, theft or damage that may result from my participation in ART EXPOSED. *
I am aware that any artwork not picked up within 7 days after the show will become the property of the Kamloops Arts Council *
(we need to have all artwork gone by March 20 - there are exhibition installations scheduled the following week - galleries need to be empty)

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