Art Exposed Regional Exhibition – 2017 Jurors’ Choice Awards

Jurors’ Choice prizes were awarded at the opening of the Kamloops Arts Council’s  Art Exposed Regional Exhibition on Friday, March 3. The awards came with $100 (1st) and $50 (2nd) cash prizes in each category, with a special prize of $50 in the youth age 8-14 category.

Winners were as follows:

Established Artist Category:

1st Place, 2D Established (presented by the TNRD):
Debbie O’Donnell, Serpents (oil on panel)
2nd Place, 2D Established
(presented by New Gold New Afton Mine):
Janice Jarvis,
Canyon (pastel)
1st Place, 3D Established:
Christina McLean McNaney, 
Between Worlds
(sculpture – epoxy, ceramic, paper mâché)
2nd Place, 3D Established:
Kirsten Atkins,
Mother Nature (textile)


Emerging Artist Category:

1st Place, 2D Emerging
(presented by Monte Creek Ranch):
Cheryl Lynn Andrews, I Got Your Back (pastel)
2nd Place, 2D Emerging:
Warren James,
Home Sweet Home (marquetry)
1st Place, 3D Emerging:
Lily Dalley,
The Orchestra (automata) 
2nd Place, 3D Emerging:
Regina Sadilkova, Mom’s Had a Bad Day at the Office (mixed media) 

Youth Category:

Youth Prize
(ages 8-14, presented by Petland):
Mya Morin,
The Dancer (chalk/pastel)


Honourable Mentions

Zachary Abney, “Smoking Woman #1”  
Megan Blackmore,”Mice on Venus”  
Dennis Cound, “Good Tilled Earth”  
Marie Downing,”Old Panhead”  
Vikki Ferguson,
“Cactus Wren’s Nest in Saguaro Cactus”
Judy Harrison, “Boys on the Water”  
Patricia House, “Best Friend”  
Isaac,”Eye of the Tiger”  
Sean Jackson, “Blooddrunk (live)”  
Paul Jaras, “Untitled”  
Alicia McClain, “Evolutions”

Kieran Outerbridge, “Illuminating Wonders”

Kelly Perry, “Spring”

Jack Quin, “Wiggle Waggle”

Joe Ratushniak, “I’m Tripping Paddle”

Dale Redfern, “Damn Tomatoes” 

Regina Sadilkova, “Waldorf & Statler Get Fit” 

Emma Tranah,
“Unique Polymer Clay Jewelry Experience”

Olivia Tranah,
“Unique Chainmaille Experience”

Vaughn Warren,
“Cybernetic Seahorse Sèance”