CFJC TV Boogie the Bridge – Call for Design

Deadline: Monday, January 4, 2016

The Kamloops Arts Council’s Crossing Bridges Arts Outreach Program has been chosen as one of the Charities of Choice for the CFJC TV Boogie the Bridge 2016/17.

The KAC and Boogie the Bridge committee thought this would be a great opportunity to have the adult 2016 race shirts feature a design by a Kamloops Arts Council artist. All submissions will be voted on at the January 7 CFJC TV Boogie the Bridge committee meeting. The selected artist will be paid a $150 honorarium. (Note: the design may be used for medals as well; this is to be confirmed.)

Boogie Logo

Elements to consider when designing:

  • Required: must include the CFJC TV logo the words Boogie the Bridge (or just Boogie) and the Boogie person, shown left (if these are not included, the design will not be considered).
  • The design will be printed in black. You may include one other colour, but the committee reserves the right to only print it in black.
  • The shirts are cherry red.
  • The artist may include their signature in the design.

The CFJC TV Boogie The Bridge Mission: a not for profit organization that strives to lead in the commitment to holistic health and positive change. This is implemented through continuous growth and development of the 3 pillars of Boogie:

1. Movement is change
2. A signature / legacy event for Kamloops.
3. Community contribution and fundraising

Submissions will be accepted in a pdf, jpeg or vector (preferred for printing) format. Or on plain white paper that can be scanned.

Visit the Boogie the Bridge Facebook page to see previous year’s shirts.

Please send submissions to Jenn at [email protected] no later than Monday, January 4, 2016 at 5pm.