“Celebrating My Nigerian Roots” by Raluchukwu Ojah in the KAC Vault Gallery

28 June 2023 10:00 am

“Celebrating My Nigerian Roots” by Raluchukwu Ojah in the KAC Vault Gallery

Saturday June 3rd, to Wednesday June 28th, 2023

Mediums: Pencils, Oils, Acrylic, and Fabrics

Artist Statement: 

“Celebrating my Nigerian roots is a theme which speaks about capturing the beauty in my cultural background and how it has deeply influenced my art-making process. My works explore the rich diversity of my culture while drawing attention to the issues being faced as an international immigrant in Canada. My first drawing DIVERSITY are multiple portraits of people from different cultural backgrounds, I combined the faces with the image of clasped hands to represent diversity and show the strengths of working together. The second drawing MERGED represents a two-headed child who shows a little black boy and a white girl, this is to show duality and teamwork. My first painting EZINWAYI which means (good woman), done in acrylic paints, shows a young African woman dressed in a well-tied Gele and an Ankara to match. This is to show the different styles of clothes worn in Nigeria. My second painting NNA HURU N’AYA which means (Father’s love) done in Oil paints is dedicated to my father who has played an important role in my life as an Artist. The attire worn by the man in the painting is the Ntorika George Wrapper, a popular wrapper worn in Igbo land, Nigeria because of its cost and its history. My last piece SOUND SUIT, AFRICAN MASK and DRUM is a sculpture made for a class. The inspiration was gotten from Nkporo masquerade dancers in Abiastate, Nigeria. The aim is to create the feeling and atmosphere which is created on special occasions.” ~ Ral Ojah

Artist Biography:

Ral Ojah is a Nigerian scholar currently studying at Thompson Rivers University. He is currently in his third year with the aim to open an art gallery. With a keen interest in contemporary issues, Ral uses different mediums such as: pencils, oil paints and fabric to express different ideas.

Raluchukwu’s show will be exhibited in the vault gallery from June 3rd to June 28th, 2023.

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