“Discards” by Ila Crawford in the KAC Alcove Gallery

23 September 2023 10:00 am

“Discards” by Ila Crawford in the KAC Alcove Gallery

Prints are water-based screen prints. Objects are crocheted, and a collection of discards that could be used as famine foods (potato peels, crumbs, etc). There may also be an investigation into time travel.

Saturday, September 2nd to Saturday, September 23rd, 2023.

Mediums: Screenprints and small objects

Artist Statement:

The work that is on exhibition underscores my current preoccupation with the climate crisis. It is a hard task to make art when worries about the future are uppermost in my mind. I realize that much of my previous work and the work that I am doing now is about future memories. This body of work arises from left-over toys that my children used, along with discarded remains from crocheting projects (not mine, but from thrift shops), and a growing concern about food security and thinking about “famine” foods. I am trying to come to terms with oppressive thoughts about our environment contrasted with the desire and need for beauty and the joy of simple useless fun.

Artist Bio:

Ila Crawford is an educator emerita, from TRU visual arts. She is a founding member and continues to print at the Kamloops Printmakers Society.

Ila’s show will be exhibited in the alcove gallery from September 2nd to September 23rd, 2023.

View the upcoming show in our online gallery here!