“Divergence” by Kamloops Textile Artists in the KAC Alcove & Hallway Galleries

22 November 2023 10:00 am

“Divergence” by Kamloops Textile Artists in the KAC Alcove & Hallway Galleries

The many styles of Surface Design

Saturday November 4th, to Wednesday November 22nd, 2023

Mediums: Textiles

Artist Reception: November 9th, 4:30 – 6 pm.

Artist Statement: 

“Kamloops Textile Artists present Divergence, an exhibit of textile-based artwork. Each artist brings a unique perspective representing diverse ideas and creative styles using various innovative surface-design techniques and materials.”

Artist Bio:

WHO WE ARE – Kamloops Textile Artists strives to foster imagination and creativity through experimentation and art play. Each individual artist responds uniquely to materials, techniques, and themes. We formed our group in 2019 and have been working together to explore and create unique textile art since. WHAT WE ENVISION – As Kamloops Textile Artists, we understand the importance of support in an artist’s life. Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for our artists by providing an opportunity where play, experimentation and creative juices can flow freely. It’s our mission to continue to foster creativity in our members. WHAT WE BELIEVE – Artists need to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. As Kamloops Textile Artists, we understand this well, which is why we provide opportunities to develop artistic expression, where members come and play with various techniques and materials. Our individual approaches are unique and reflect who we are not only as artists but as human beings.

Their show will be exhibited in the Alcove and Hallway Galleries from November 4th to November 22nd, 2023.

View their upcoming show in our online gallery here!