Diverse Storytelling Exhibition in the KAC Main Gallery

28 May 2021 10:00 am

Diverse Storytelling Exhibition in the KAC Main Gallery

Embracing the Multicultural Canadian Experience

Diverse Storytelling though Art – is an art exhibit promoting the unique cultural and ethnic heritage of newcomers who contribute to the strengths of Kamloops’ diverse community. Newcomer Canadians are matched with local artists. The artists listen to the
immigrants to hear their stories and come together with a message that speaks to the immigrants’ journey. Through their encounter and interview, the artists create a rendering. The art created through the collaboration of Kamloops Immigrant Services and Kamloops Arts Council will be displayed at the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre from May 28 – June 12, 2021.

This show is running Friday May 28 – Saturday June 12, 2021.

We will be providing sanitizing stations, and barriers where required in compliance with current safety regulations so everyone may remain safe and enjoy the exhibition.

If you are sick, please stay home. We look forward to you visiting when you are well again!

Please note washrooms are currently closed to the public.

Please view our reopening safety plan here!

Click here to view the Diverse Storytelling Artwork!