“From the Ground” by Gail Clark in the KAC Alcove & Vault Gallery

11 June 2022 10:00 am

“From the Ground” by Gail Clark in the KAC Alcove & Vault Gallery

A variety of rural and urban objects. A collection of the often overlooked in re-imagined compositions.

Thursday May 19, 2022 to Friday. June 17, 2022

Mediums: Wood, Bark, Lichen, Resin, Found objects.

Artist Biography:

Gail began practising art in her 50s, following careers in advertising and special education. Initially taking a couple of weekend courses in encaustic art in Ontario, and working for several years at her home studio, she later completed a 2-year fine art diploma while living in Ireland. More recently, her work has focussed on found objects, discovered while exploring the rural and urban areas around Kamloops. She has a small studio on Victoria Street, and this is her second solo show with the Kamloops Arts Council.

Artist Statement:

Whether walking in nature or in the city, heightened observation often reveals small elements of beauty in items not traditionally thought of as beautiful. Yet, these items have an energy, a history, and a story attached to them. Combining these found objects in a piece of art, continues their evolution, or journey. However, it hasn’t ended with this piece of art. I am motivated by the challenge of working with found objects and having a creative process that depends on serendipity.

Gail’s show will be exhibited in the main gallery from May 19 to June 17, 2022

View Gail’s upcoming show in our online gallery here!