“Hung Well” by Brushstrokes in the KAC Main Gallery

23 September 2023 10:00 am

“Hung Well” by Brushstrokes in the KAC Main Gallery

Come See what’s Hanging.

Saturday September 2nd, to Saturday September 23rd, 2023

Mediums: Mixed

Artist Reception: Saturday, September 9 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Artist Statement: 

Four artists, looking for camaraderie, inspiration, accountability, and friendship decided to try painting together weekly. They became muses for one another, and each made progress in their practice. Having a sense of humour, the group decided to hold a show of their work and call it “Hung Well” because they often complain about the way in which art is curated in art shows. Each artist has a style all their own and each artist’s work improved by working with fellow artists that offered honest critiques and sharing of art knowledge. In addition to creating individual pieces, the group worked on two pieces collaboratively. One piece will hang in the “What Women Want” show at Gallery 635 and the other is hung here. Collaborative work is daring, requiring individuals to be unafraid of working on the art of another artist and letting go of their own art to another’s aesthetic and point of view. The group is pleased to share work created both in their weekly painting sessions and in their home studios in this show. Enjoy!

Artist Biographies:

Twyla–Lea Jensen

Artist Statement: As an alcohol ink artist as well as a resin artist I strive to bring colour and vibrancy to every art piece that I create. Alcohol inks are unlike any other medium in that they are hard to control and can only be painted on non-porous surfaces. I fell in love with painting with inks simply because they were different. Through that, I have evolved into a resin artist as well. In resin pieces, I often use numerous substances to paint or create. Sometimes I use copper, ink, paint, glass, rocks, glitter, and numerous other things. I am always striving to be different from others and to have my work speak to the audience.

Artist Bio: Twyla-Lea Jensen is an emerging artist from Kamloops, BC. Twyla was born in Kamloops and recently returned home after a long absence. Mostly self-taught, she has participated in many art shows and hopes to do many more. With the use of alcohol ink, she paints mostly local landscapes or abstracts. She also has worked with resin for about 5 years and enjoys creating original pieces using resin along with paints and sometimes copper. Her company, Spirit Soul Treasures, has been featured in local news media as a valuable resource for grieving families who want to have cremains embedded into resin as art, decor, or jewelry.

Deborah Fong

Artist Statement: In 2023, I enjoyed painting with a small group of like-minded women weekly at the Old Kamloops Courthouse. Both with the weekly group and in my home studio I have continued to explore my passion for Natura Mort (Still Life) painting and related sculpture. While Still Life painting is often considered a “lesser genre” it has played an important role throughout art history, particularly with women painters. This genre explores themes of life and death and often celebrates the beauty and aesthetics of plants, flowers, and inanimate objects. I am interested in combining abstract backgrounds and representational subject matter to celebrate Natura Mort in new and interesting ways.

Artist Bio: Privileged to grow up surrounded by art lovers Deb believed from an early age that she would be an artist… but life sometimes gets in the way of great plans…Returning to art “a bit later in life” Deb completed 4th year in studio art at Thompson Rivers University in 2019. Though she considers painting her primary medium she is also interested in 3D installations. Deb is also the Gallerist at Gallery 635 in Kamloops and enjoys curating and presenting work by local and regional artists. Deb shares her home with 2 lovely pugs and a most wonderful husband.

Isabelle Faulkner

Artist Statement: I paint because it energizes me, transports me to a different time, and sparks a passion within. I am constantly trying to find my way within a painting, a new style, a new me. I dream in oil colour and wake to the sound of a scraping palette knife against the canvas. The challenge of mixing the perfect colour, and getting the perfect composition is on my mind each day. Time spent in my studio is joy. Absolute. Joy.

Artist Bio: Born in Squamish, British Columbia, Isabelle moved to Westbank, British Columbia as a child and grew up there. Isabelle is married to Howard and they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Recently retired, they have moved to Kamloops. Isabelle paints with oils and loves to paint landscapes and still life. She paints with and from emotion. Isabelle loves the anticipation of a new canvas and especially likes to paint “en plein air” to try and capture the colours as she sees them. Painting is a daily passion for her!

Diane Fleming

Artist Statement: Part of my work body for the upcoming art show consists of bird paintings done in oils. During the Covid pandemic, I spent a fair amount of time watching birds in my backyard and during my walks in various local parks. I researched bird art on the internet, and it eventually led me to the website of Canadian award-winning artist Rose Tanner (AFCA). One of her lessons in particular appealed to me so I took it and the rest is history. Birds are not easy to photograph so I rely mostly on my brother’s photographic talents. Carl is an avid photographer who spends a fair amount of time in the local parks around Burnaby BC where there are plenty of bird photo ops. He gave me his blessings to use any of his reference photos. Thank you, bro!

Artist Bio: Born into a working-class family, the arts were never part of my growing years. In 1999 I retired from my military career and settled in beautiful Kamloops. I however rejoined the workforce for another 18 years. During those years I took an interest in photography and
bought my first digital camera. A few years ago, an acquaintance introduced me to oil painting. I finally retired for good from work. This has allowed me time to take some art lessons and workshops. I currently meet weekly At the Old Courthouse basement studio with a small group of artists for friendship, encouragement, inspiration and to work on my art. I paint mostly in oils, but I do enjoy gouache paint for plein air because it is a fast-drying medium. At present, birds and still life are my favourite subjects to paint. I do some landscape painting for plein air studies during the summer. The art world is very important to my mental well-being. It is a form of therapy I know I will enjoy for years to come.

Brushstrokes’s show will be exhibited in the main gallery from September 2nd to September 23rd, 2023.

View their upcoming show in our online gallery here!