“Life Stilled” by Patricia House in the KAC Main Gallery

25 May 2024 10:00 am

“Life Stilled” by Patricia House in the KAC Main Gallery

Thursday, May 2 to Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mediums: Oil

Artist Reception: Saturday, May 4th, 10am to 2pm

Exhibit Statement:

The term “still life” describes any inanimate objects in a work of art. Capturing still-life subject such as fruit, flowers, bottles, or chairs, has been practiced for millennia. Still life painting allows the artist to practice all fundamentals of art: Color, Composition, Value, Form, Brushwork, and Perspective while having a subject that doesn’t move! There are several “painting from life” daily challenges that are held throughout the year by various art groups or companies. These challenges provide an opportunity for artists at every level to practice and challenge themselves in their work. Approaching these challenges with an open mind to subject selection allows artists to participate regardless of weather and location–there is always some subject that can be painted wherever you may be. Many people say that they “can’t draw a stick figure”, but art is like anything else, it takes practice, and these are an excellent way to do so. Since 2021, I have participated in several of these monthly challenges and have created approximately 240 individual pieces–that’s a lot of practice painting. The paintings created are generally small, typically 8”x10” in oil and they are not intended to be ‘perfect’.They are meant to be studied, and some do “turn out” better (or worse) than others. The idea is to practice the fundamentals and learn. Each one teaches something for the next piece and a lot of pieces are created. In addition to the fundamentals, regular practice provides the opportunity to start developing one’s artistic voice and style. This show is a selection of my daily challenge pieces over the past three years as well as additional pieces inspired by the principle of practice that they encourage.

Artist Statement:

Patricia House is drawn to the overlooked yet significant. She feels the need to identify the connections that the mundanity brings to our understanding of a view’s expanse. It provides an anchor point that she celebrates in her work. She wants her viewers to rekindle memories of themselves with everyday experiences and objects. How does she make the mundane special for the viewer? The connection begins with the creation of a focused composition. Colour then brings the mundane to the spotlight while brushstrokes are used to play between the full story and abstraction.

Artist Bio:

Patricia House, originally from Burnaby, now lives in Kamloops, BC. Although recognized for her art in local competitions in high school, she chose engineering and sciences as a career. In 2012, her passion for painting was reignited. She now makes time in her busy schedule to develop her technique as an artist at her home studio, outside painting plein air and at workshops. Patricia works primarily in oil, though occasionally dabbles in other media, such as watercolour. She has exhibited at the Kamloops Art Council’s Art Exposed and has been recognized with Honourable Mentions multiple times. Several of her paintings have been selected by the Kamloops Timeraisers. She is an ‘Active’ member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) with works accepted to hang in FCA shows throughout the ThompsonandOkanaganareaas well as at the Granville Island gallery. Her painting “Last Run” was selected for the 2022 Sun Peaks Mountain Card. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram @SkalleboStudio

Patricia’s show will be exhibited in the Main Gallery from May 2 to 25, 2024

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