“Natural Lines Too” by Chris Wenger in the KAC Alcove and Vault Galleries

24 April 2021 10:00 am

“Natural Lines Too” by Chris Wenger in the KAC Alcove and Vault Galleries

A Botanical Perspective


This will be a continuation of my search for the natural ornamentation of the world. I am planning to show various images that capture unique moments and show nature in all of its variety and perfectly messy imperfections.

Artist Statement:
As a photographer, I hope to capture the natural ornamentation that exists within our world, that fleeting magic of light that might last an hour, a minute, as little as a few seconds or even 1/1000 th of a second. I love the art of the details that can be found within the natural world: from ice and water to the plants and animals with whom we share the planet. With the use of telephoto, macro and super wide-angle lenses and other gimmicky apparatuses like a glass ball for even further magnification, I want to share in this collection of images the vast array of the plants that are always close to hand but are often simply overlooked. Capturing these images is a way for me to connect with nature and with myself within the natural world. I hope my images will evoke emotions within the viewer and create an opportunity for conversations about what we notice in each one as well as share memories of similar things we’ve all noticed. I hope these images will inspire the viewer to regard the beauty of the natural world.

Artist Bio:
Chris Wenger is a self-taught photographer who has been interested in photography from a very young age. His first camera was a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic, which shot 126 film, 12 shots per roll. As a teenager, he upgraded to a “real” camera and began shooting slides, soon becoming the designated photographer on all family trips. This led to a number of his photographs being published in various books and magazines. A long hiatus from photography occurred after university, with the starting of a family and the beginning of a career in the aviation industry. Recently, an interest in birds and the magic of light in nature has revitalized his need to capture images observed both while traveling and in daily sojourns into the “wilds” around his home. Chris currently lives near Kamloops, BC, Canada. This is Chris’ second solo

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This show is running Saturday April 24 – Saturday May 15, 2021.

We will be providing sanitizing stations, and barriers where required in compliance with current safety regulations so everyone may remain safe and enjoy the exhibition.

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