“Phosphorescent Windowscapes” by Ken Farrar in the KAC Alcove & Vault Gallery

05 November 2022 10:00 am

“Phosphorescent Windowscapes” by Ken Farrar in the KAC Alcove & Vault Gallery

Friday, October 21 to Saturday, November 5, 2022

Mediums:  Acrylic on Canvas framed with oak window frames and plexiglass

Short description/Tagline: These Paintings are painted on canvas and framed with a wooden oak window frame complete with plexiglass The paintings will glow in a darkened room for up to ten hours.

Artist Statement:

As an artist, I have always admired those who could captivate their audience with their insight and ability to paint. Over my lifetime, I have strived to develop that insight and to make that ability my goal. Today I feel I have reached a new plateau in the development of my work. One of a painter’s central concerns is light and how to express it on canvas. I have always believed that if one could refine a technique by coaxing more light from within the canvas, a new and wonderful painting style would surely evolve. Through the gift of a vivid dream, I have brought to life a new and exciting painting technique. This new style has brought me many rewards, not only in the actual execution but also in the incredible sense of awe that the paintings invoke when people view my paintings. To look at these paintings in normal lighting, one would never know the secret they hold when the lights are lowered. To take a quote from Vincent Van Gogh,” I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.” If only he had known how true this is for me and the paint I use today. These paintings have rich vibrant daytime colours that truly come to life when the lights go out. This is achieved by using a unique blend of acrylic paint and naturally occurring non-toxic rare earth phosphorescent minerals. These pigments will store the light energy, which they are exposed to during the day, and slowly release this glowing energy during the night for up to twelve hours. Using these colours, I paint magical nighttime landscapes featuring the splendour of the NorthernLights, Night Skies and Wildlife

About the artist:

Ken Farrar is a long-time resident of Kamloops, British Columbia. Ken began sketching and painting at an early age. His formal education concluded with four-year graduation from the Alberta College of Art, Calgary in 1972. After graduating he honed his skills as a commercial artist, a discipline reflected in his variety of media, techniques and subjects. Ken was also employed for several years as an artist at the Edmonton Alberta Provincial Museum. His artistic accomplishments in Phosphorescent Landscapesare presently being recognized in Kamloops, across British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories. The subjects of his painting vary from local landscapes, wildlife and the pristine landscapes of the north.

Ken’s show will be exhibited in the alcove and vault galleries from October 21 to November 5, 2022

View his upcoming show in our online gallery here!