The Laboratory of Spatial Bemusement – Kamloops Art Gallery

10 April 2021 10:00 am

A new exhibit opens on April 10th at Kamloops Art Gallery. In the exhibition “The Laboratory of Spatial Bemusement”, artist Megan Dyck and Tia Halliday will presenting a series of kinetic sculptures and dance-based performances that incorporate design and accouterment reminiscent of 18th-century French furniture and textiles. The Sense Economy allows viewers to engage in a tactile and movement-based consideration of luxury and hybridized domestic objects while being encouraged to think about our own relationship to these objects.

The sculptures are liminal structures that transform the gallery space into an arena for experiential dance. They initiate a desire to be held, dwelled within, stood upon, shaken, or worn on one’s head. Pictorial space is navigated in both two and three dimensions allowing for spatial and embodied images to be created through the object’s entrances and exits, physical follies, and material oppression.

For this project, the artists created a video reminiscent of 1960s performance art, while taking cues from contemporary dance. Enacted by amateur performers, the stark repetition of simple movements is juxtaposed by a curious engagement with hybridized objects that are both utilitarian and functional in nature. Amidst the subject’s multimodal engagement with highly fetishized material phenomena, subtle themes of gender play emerge. Traditional archetypes of masculinity and femininity are transformed to elicit new ways of thinking about the body’s relationship to objects and the visual cultures that inform these engagements.

The Laboratory of Spatial Bemusement sets up conditions for thinking about our cultural associations with objects in relation to gender and capital conditions as a way of reflecting on how we relate to the world around us.

For more information, contact Kamloops Art Gallery at 250-377-2400, or visit their website