“Whose Hue” by Marta’s Tower in the KAC Hallway Gallery

23 September 2023 10:00 am

“Whose Hue” by Marta’s Tower in the KAC Hallway Gallery

Wednesday September 6th to Saturday September 23rd, 2023

Short description/Tagline:

Whose hues are upon the wall Take a look and vote for them all! Marta’sTower has collaborated with Kamloops Arts Council’s Children’s Arts Festival to bring you the creative works of children across Kamloops! Now it’s up to YOU to VOTE for your favourites! Each young artist has chosen 1 colouring template of 3 based on our eco-conscious theme: Ranches to Rodeos. They’ve worked hard to make it their own! Local artist and event planner, Marta Oraniewicz, has also decorated the Hallway Gallery with her own creations! Take a look at the whimsical and magical paintings and costumes around. Bring your young ones to the FREE Children’s Arts Festival on September 16 in Riverside Park East from 10-4. The winners of the contest will be announced and you can enjoy many crafts workshops and special entertainment! Marta’s Tower and Kamloops Arts Council encourages kids to celebrate art and explore their creative skills as young artists.

Mediums: Colouring Pages (Kids) Acrylic, Costumes, and Digital Art (Marta)

Artist Statement:

I like to do a lot of different forms of art which makes it difficult for me to find a consistent style. I don’t think the day will ever come when I feel I have perfected my art, and I’m okay with that because I can always look back on pieces and remember who I was at that time. I can see how far I’ve come and maybe take a guess as to where I’ll go. And because of that, I consider my life my greatest masterpiece yet.

Artist Bio: Marta Oraniewicz is an emerging artist from Kamloops, BC. Despite being a creator in many forms (drawing, painting, sewing,  performing, and the list goes on) all her life, she has minimal experience putting her work out in public. She has always dreamed of illustrating and writing a children’s book (or two or three). That dream may one day come to fruition, but currently, Marta focuses on “Marta’sTower”- her children’s event and glitter tattoo business where she gets to help children believe in magic through the arts and theatrical events.

Marta’s show will be exhibited in the hallway gallery from September 6th to September 23rd, 2023.

View the upcoming show in our online gallery here!