July Member of the Month – Glenda MacPhee

Each month the Kamloops Arts Council profiles a different member or donor, so that you can get to know the diverse and talented community that makes up the KAC. For the month of July we profile Glenda MacPhee.

Glenda MacPhee

KAC Member Glenda MacPhee

How long have you been involved with the Kamloops Arts Council?

I have been a member of Kamloops Art Council for six years.

Why did you get involved?

Artists need a public connection. The KAC membership gives artists a venue to display and sell. Online galleries are great for auctions but people still want to go out and view a real original piece of art up close. Visiting the KAC Main Gallery offers a real experience of the art in this community.

Tell us about your artwork:

My paintings are all ”original” oil abstract impressionist. By original I mean I do not sell prints of my work. When people purchase my work it is the original painting. I did a KAC exhibition of my impressionist ‘earthscapes’ in 2013. Recently I completed a series of ‘horizon’ paintings using hot colors and clear open space. People like the open space in my paintings…coastlines, landlines and big skylines.

Glenda Macphee Pink Sky

Pink Sky

What are you looking forward to this upcoming year? A special show or project you’re working on?

I just completed my first urban-scape. It is a dark city and despite the destructive look of it people like it. Right now I am working on an impressionist reproduction of a photo of my Ukrainian ‘Baba’ that was taken in 1963.

Why is it important to support the arts?

A supportive art community keeps artists active and working. It is more fun sharing what we do. I just recently donated three of my original paintings for a fundraising auction.

Mustard Field Glenda Macphee

Mustard Field

What would you say to someone who’s considering becoming a member with the Kamloops Arts Council?

Becoming a KAC member will give artists an interactive element for what they produce in their studios.

Blue Coast Glenda Macphee

Blue Coast


For more information about Glenda’s work please contact her by email at [email protected]