KAC urges public to vote YES for Performing Arts Centre

-For Immediate Release-
September 23, 2015

Kamloops Arts Council Board urges public to vote YES for Performing Arts Centre

pac-410Kamloops, BC — The Board of Directors of the Kamloops Arts Council (KAC) unanimously endorses a YES vote for the proposed Performing Arts Centre referendum on Nov. 7.

“The Performing Arts Centre is an exciting new development for Kamloops that will provide a needed new venue for touring and local acts,” says Michael O’Brien, KAC President. “Kamloops has a tremendously vibrant arts scene now; this can only enhance it.”

Investing in the arts increases a city’s liveability, attracts entrepreneurship and entices professionals (including health care professionals) to relocate. As evident from similar venues in towns such as Vernon and Kelowna, the economic and tourism spin-off benefits of this project are numerous.

“A Performing Arts Centre in Kamloops will have the capacity to host the many touring music, dance and theatre acts Kamloops is currently missing out on – everything from ballet to country music and comedy acts,” says Kathy Sinclair, executive director of the KAC. “It has potential to be used for graduation ceremonies and other community events as well. It will truly be a centre for everyone.”

The Kamloops Arts Council encourages all members, member organizations and the public to support the Performing Arts Centre referendum with a “Yes” vote on Nov. 7.

For more information:
Michael O’Brien
Kamloops Arts Council
(250) 825-0438

Kathy Sinclair
Executive Director
Kamloops Arts Council
(250) 372-7323

Founded in 1968, the Kamloops Arts Council (KAC) is devoted to the development and enhancement of the arts in the Kamloops area. The KAC supports all artists and art organizations and promote cooperation among them, government and business. As part of its mandate, the KAC takes the arts out to the community – producing high-quality, year-round low- and no-cost arts programs, performances, workshops and events for all. We believe the arts are for everyone, and that they have the power to heal, transform, connect, and develop skills in children, youth, adults and seniors, including those in crisis. Art changes lives.

Information from the City of Kamloops on the proposed Performing Arts Centre may be found here.