Lee’s Music & Riversong Guitars save the day for Rivertown Players


Mike Miltimore, Riversong Guitars / Lee’s Music

Kamloops, BC — Jeffery Daniels is a theatre student at Thompson Rivers University and a member of the Kamloops Arts Council’s Rivertown Players children’s summer theatre troupe.

When his prized guitar went missing during a July Rivertown performance, Jeffery was understandably upset.
“The guitar belonged to my grandfather,” he said. “And I love to play.”
Jeffery also used the guitar extensively for the songs and plays he performs with the student troupe.
When searches for the missing guitar proved fruitless, the Kamloops Arts Council talked to Mike Miltimore of Riversong Guitars and Lee’s Music to see what could be done. Thanks to Mike, Jeffery is now the proud owner of his very own Riversong Guitar.

Jeffery Daniels of the KAC’s Rivertown Players with his new Riversong Guitar.

“When I heard about Jeffrey’s guitar, my heart sank,” says Mike. “Guitars are a very personal instrument that you spend a lifetime bonding with and I immediately felt the distress he must have had. It was a ‘no-brainer’ to get involved with the Kamloops Arts Council and help Jeffrey get into a new ‘forever’ guitar. I am absolutely pleased he chose one of our Kamloops made Riversong Guitars and the guitar that he decided on is a production prototype of a new series we developed, so it is a very special guitar with a special story. I hope he has many amazing memories with his new Riversong Guitar.”
See the Rivertown Players — Jeffery, Ashley and Avery — perform live until Aug. 26. Many of their performances have been moved indoors — follow their Facebook page for times and location updates:

Each July & August, the Kamloops Arts Council’s Rivertown Players present accessible, FREE family-friendly theatre performances throughout Kamloops. Performing live 5 days a week, this troupe with interactive shows, songs and stories delight both the young and the young-at-heart!

More information is at www.kamloopsarts.ca.

Riversong Guitars

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