Meet Bailey Finley, Secretary of the KAC Board!

Meet Bailey Finley, Secretary of the KAC Board!


Bailey Finley has a long history with the Kamloops Arts Council, having fond memories of attending KAC events since she was young, more particularly Art in the Park and the Children’s Arts Festival, as well as even exhibiting some of her own work as a part of their communal gallery showings. Given her history with the Arts Council, it brings Bailey great pleasure to have joined the Board of Directors as its Secretary.

While her first interactions with the KAC were displaying her film photography and painting at the Old Courthouse, Bailey is first and foremost a musician. Picking up the flute in Grade 8 beginner band, Bailey continued to hone her craft for many years to come, eventually getting the opportunity to make music and tour with incredible acts such as Trio Taco and the Victoria Composers Collective. “I love working with composers and experimenting with new sounds to create new works for the flute,” Bailey gushes when asked about her time as a musician. Bailey is also fortunate enough to have her own studio in Kamloops, where she gets to “share her musical curiosities and experience with students.”

Bailey’s creativity does not stop at music; just a few years ago she began to study woodworking. Starting with a simple desk made out of construction wood, she has now completed several impressive projects such as a patio garden as well as a music studio! Bailey finds such great satisfaction in bringing her designs to life that she shares her skills and passion at Makerspace’s monthly Women’s Night, an event which invites anyone who identifies as a woman, femme, trans or non-binary to participate in a free workshop and tour of the Kamloops Makerspace.


When asked about her motivations for joining the KAC’s Board of Directors, Bailey comments, “I really value how the art and music communities I’ve been involved in have filled my cup, and I want to be able to contribute to building and maintaining those communities.” She continues, “As an emerging artist myself, who is setting up shop in Kamloops, I want to help ensure that the arts and music pipeline is strong and continues to provide opportunities and support for a diverse range of artists and art lovers.”

A self-described “governance nerd”, Bailey has developed an interest in creating efficient systems, policies and procedures, first piqued by her time spent on the Kamloops Music Collective’s governance committee. This skill is invaluable to an organization like the KAC, and Bailey is grateful to work with like-minded people who regard this skill as the asset that it is.

Fueled by her love of the arts and governance, Bailey is excited to help create a strong foundation for the Arts Council through the updating and refining of its policies and procedures. “It’s been a tough couple of years for arts organizations,” Bailey notes, regarding the unfortunate impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the arts. “I’m incredibly proud of the KAC’s resilience. I hope (and believe!) it will be an organization that continues to connect and advocate for art makers, art lovers and art organizations.”

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