Meet Jessica Clement, a Director on the KAC Board!

Meet Jessica Clement, a Director on the KAC Board!


With 16 years of board experience under her belt, Jessica Clement is undoubtedly a notable asset to the Kamloops Arts Council’s Board of Directors. As a part of the Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society based out of Ashcroft, Jessica has helped put on theatrical productions, music concerts, and an annual Plein-Air Paint-Out – an event that takes inspiration from the French’s ‘en plein air’, meaning “in the open air”, where artists paint outdoors with their subjects in full view. Jessica, who enjoys painting and drawing herself, was recruited to the board due to her extensive experience in her local arts community and highlights that she brings a rural perspective to the table that is unique to the board.

As a director, Jessica explains that her job is to “help create the vision of the KAC and help the Executive Director carry out that vision.” She also notes that being a supporter of the arts is an important component of being a board member, citing attending live performances and gallery shows, as well as purchasing from local artists as just a few examples of how she shows her support. “I’m thankful to be living in a community that is full of amazing artists,” Jessica observes, a thought that inspires her to continue her work hard to uplift the art community in both Kamloops and Ashcroft.

As mentioned, Jessica enjoys painting and drawing but declares that her real passion blossoms in the kitchen. She bakes and decorates impressively realistic cakes and has even ventured into making candy as well. Jessica is also an active member of Ashcroft’s theatre community with fifteen years of experience as a Stage Manager in local productions. “There is no greater joy than hearing an audience react to live theatre,” Jessica claims. “The bonds formed and the fun had throughout the production period is something I look forward to each year.”

When asked what motivated her to volunteer for the board, Jessica answered, “The arts make the world a better place. Being able to be in a position to help keep the arts alive is the reason I give my time.” Looking to the future, Jessica hopes to continue to utilize that position to help the KAC continue to support local artists and the arts community while also advocating for the importance of art in everyone’s lives.

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