Member of the Month

Member of the Month
Patricia House

Full Name: Patricia House

Medium: Primarily oil paint but I do dabble with acrylic, watercolour, pencil, and whatever else looks interesting to try!

How long have you been doing your art: I was always drawing and creating as a kid and I took art through high school but didn’t do much until my kids started to do workshops through 4Cats around 2013. I would say I have been more serious about painting since about 2017.

What got you originally interested in the art you do: When I started back painting as an adult, it was something to do that was for me – now, I not only do I paint for the personal enjoyment but also for the exploration of both the technical and narrative qualities of art.

What is something you have learned about yourself through your art: I have learned to be more deliberate in my creative process. At first, I just ‘went for it’ when painting, starting with an idea which eventually (usually) worked out in the end. Now, I am learning to avoid a lot of problems and frustration in the painting process by being more deliberate with colour mixing, composition, mark placement and other aspects of the creative process.

What do you enjoy the most about your art: The process of working through one painting and then applying what I learned from that one to the next piece.

What is your favorite joke/quote: “So long and thanks for all the fish” – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Why are you a member of the Kamloops Arts Council: The KAC is a great community organization that supports and promotes all disciplines and levels of artists. I appreciate the opportunities the KAC has provided me to show my work such as in Art Exposed or Art in Public Spaces.

What are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming year (A special show or project you’re working on): I am planning to apply for signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists and to do so I am developing a consistent body of work for submission that exemplifies both my technical skills and my voice as an artist.