Member of the Month

Member of the Month
Marianna Abutalipova 


Full Name: Marianna Abutalipova

Medium: Acrylics-mixed media

How long have you been doing your art: Since I was a little girl ? maybe 7yo?

What got you originally interested in the art you do: My aunt was an art journalist and had an amazing collection of artists’ books, Picasso, and Matisse just to name a few. Nadya Rusheva. I loved them and started drawing after exploring them.

What is something you have learned about yourself through your art: I can hate or love my own art. I can get constantly inspired by things around me including other artists’ artwork. Art is a part of my life I cannot live without.

What do you enjoy the most about your art: The process of creating it but also the process of connecting with people who appreciate my art.

What is your favourite joke/quote: Live your life to the fullest. Make time to connect with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. We do not have time so we have to make it.

What is something most people don’t know about you: I am not going to share it ? maybe I will write a book one day. So stay tuned! But honestly…. maybe my dream is to learn how to dance on pointe shoes?

If you could teach everyone one art medium or method, what would it be, and why: Mixed media. You can find things around your home and use them in your art. It is inspiring and innovative. And also good for recycling ?

What do you think makes art important: The process of creating art could be very rewarding and it is a good stress therapy. At least for me, but I also think for so many people. Art also helps to connect with others, it could be other artists, clients or just people who love art.
Why are you a member of the Kamloops Arts Council: Because art is a very important part of Kamloops and KAC is the best art organization to support art in this community. It would wander me why would you not be a part of them. Even if you are not an artist, there are so many benefits to being a member.

What are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming year (A special show or project you’re working on): I am preparing for the Arts Exposed 2023 and have something special I am working on that represents the country I was born in: Uzbekistan. I am also excited to get back to work in my full-time position with TRU World after my mat leave.