Member of the Month

Member of the Month
Dianne Carson

Full Name: Dianne Carson

Medium: Oil, pastel, and watercolour

How long have you been doing your art: I started in 2016 after I retired

What got you originally interested in the art you do: I have always loved flowers which I seem to be doing quite a few of lately, but I want to try a lot of different subjects to get the feel of how they are painted.

What is something you have learned about yourself through your art: When I look at different objects, scenery, sky, and clouds I see things totally different. There is a complexity to everything that I did not see before.

What do you enjoy the most about your art: I love it when I finish a painting and think WOW I did that!

What is something most people don’t know about you: I have had no training either in drawing or painting before I started in 2016. I could barely draw a stick man lol!

If you could teach everyone one art medium or method, what would it be, and why: I would recommend oil as it is easier to blend and move around.

What do you think makes art important: If it makes you feel good when looking at it, then it was all worth it no matter who painted it and what style it is.

Why are you a member of the Kamloops Arts Council: I like to have my work shown and I appreciate what other artists have done.

What are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming year (A special show or project you’re working on): I am working towards getting my active status in the FCA, plus, possibly a show next year in June if all goes well.