Member of the Month

Member of the Month
Liane Gottgetreu

Full Name:Liane Gottgetreu

Medium: Abstract acrylic on canvas

What do you enjoy the most about your art: Creating art is very cathartic and liberating. I love the feeling of excitement I get when exploring with new textures and playing with colours ~ what will it look like? That each canvas has been inspired by something specific and is conveyed in an abstract way is what I enjoy the most about my art.

Why are you a member of the Kamloops Arts Council: It’s the best way to stay connected in the art community. KAC is constantly providing information and resources on anything related to the arts, which I appreciate so much.

What are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming year (A special show or project you’re working on):  Creating and preparing pieces for my exhibit in the Vault room in May 2024 is something that I’m excited about and really looking forward to.