KAC Galleries

KAC Galleries

Year-round exhibitions from KAC Members!

Friday & Saturday, 10am-4pm
Old Courthouse Cultural Center

KAC Galleries | Year-round exhibitions

Old Courthouse Cultural Centre
Main Gallery – Hallway Gallery – Alcove – Vault

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Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm

The Kamloops Arts Council’s Main, Hallway, Alcove and Vault Galleries are a non-curated, open exhibition space for community artists and arts groups. Located in the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre the Galleries host 2D and 3D exhibitions on a rotating basis, totaling around 10 to 12 exhibitions per year.

How does it work?

Member artists submit an exhibition request form to the KAC. Exhibitions are not curated – space is made available to each artist who applies on a first-come, first-served basis. Note: most requests are made a year in advance, and waiting times can be up to two years.

A KAC representative assists the artist with preparing for and installing their show. Artists are
expected to do the publicity for their exhibition and may host an opening reception and/or artist’s talk with the KAC’s support. KAC will advertise the exhibition through their media and social media as well. They will post artwork from the exhibition for purchase on their website, should the artist agree. The Gallery is open 5 days a week, and admission to the gallery is free.

Who participates?

We are proud to say that our Galleries hosts all levels of artists, from emerging / beginner to
established. The Galleries also hosts exhibitions by a number of arts and community groups; in the past, that has included the Fibre Art Network, Kamloops Photo Arts Club, Artisans of Options & Opportunities, the Thompson Valley Potters’ Guild, the Artists’ Studio, Sisters Allied Against Violence (YWCA), Phoenix Centre, and many others.

What are the benefits?

For artists, finding exhibition space can be extremely challenging – especially for those just
starting out. The KAC offers an opportunity for artists to get exposure and build their CVs while gaining experience on what it takes to install a show. The Galleries also provides the general public with a free opportunity to see all kinds of artwork by local artists which helps to enrich and connect our community.

Literary Artist Program 

We are now housing and promoting Literary works for sale at the Kamloops Arts Council.

If you are a member of KAC, and have a book that you have published we will be happy to promote and sell your work online and from our bookshelf.

The terms include a one-year contract at a 30% commission. This allows you to display up to a maximum of 25 books on our bookshelf. This also includes up to 5 different titles in case you have more than one publication, as long as you remain within the 25-book limit. You will have the option of updating publications (adding or subtracting) and replacing sold books anytime during your contract as long as there is sufficient notice.

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Interested in booking an visual arts exhibition?

  1. Request a gallery exhibition for yourself or your arts group by submitting the Application Form
  2. Learn more about Hanging requirements
  3. Check out the Tips, Tricks & Checklist for Exhibiting in the KAC Galleries 2020
  4. View the KAC Galleries Floor Plans
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Interested in sponsoring an exhibition?

Please contact Terri Hadwin, KAC executive director at 250.372.7323.