RBC Foundation Emerging Artists support Rivertown Players

RBC’s Ryan Krisko, Ray Warner and Dave Maurer with the Kamloops Arts Council’s Rivertown Players, who embarked on a Theatre Mentorship Program thanks to RBC Emerging Artists: Jeffery Daniels, Ashley Hiibner and Avery Reid.

The Rivertown Players have been supported for the first time this year by the RBC Emerging Artists Program for the Theatre Mentorship aspect of the program. The RBC Emerging Artists Program helps artists bridge the gap from emerging to established, and supports organizations that provide the best opportunity to advance their career trajectory.
“Thanks to RBC, the Rivertown Players had a chance to study under the mentorship of professionals from Project X Theatre company, including Melissa Thomas, Randi Edmundson, Dusan Magdolen and Andrew Cooper,” said KAC Executive Director Kathy Sinclair. “They also had opportunities to network with other theatre professionals in our community and beyond. This helps make a crucial link for these young theatre students, from turning a summer job into a career as a professional artist.”
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If you didn’t catch the Rivertown Players live, be sure to view their series “Rivertown Tours” on ShawTV or online.
Each July & August, the Kamloops Arts Council’s Rivertown Players present accessible, free family-friendly theatre performances throughout Kamloops. Performing live 5 days a week, this troupe with interactive shows, songs and stories delight both the young and the young-at-heart.