a great big teeny tiny art show

November 19 - December 22
Tues-Sat 10am-4pm
Old Courthouse Cultural Center

S M A L L // w o r k s

a great big teeny tiny art show


The SMALL//works fundraiser is a fabulous opportunity for artists to show their work and support the Kamloops Arts Council!

This exhibition has a grand variety of small, one of-a-kind original artworks. Support local artists and the Kamloops Arts Council with your purchases all priced under $300 with most priced below $100.
This is the perfect time for gift givers and art collectors to find fun, affordable artwork….. just in time for the holiday season!



Come and be part of the this great “little” art show. The SMALL//works fundraiser is a fabulous opportunity to show your work and support the Kamloops Arts Council! This exhibition is comprised of small, one of a kind, original artworks and is the perfect time for gift givers and art collectors to find fun, affordable artwork just in time for the holiday season. Unlike other fundraisers where artists are asked to donate their work, we want to share proceeds of sales with the artists, 50% to artist and 50% to KAC. Artists are ask to submit smaller sized artwork, following a sizing guide, which will create an exciting and affordable Christmas shopping experience.



Artists are invited to contribute up to 10 pieces of art. There are over 350 pieces of art that gets put up on the walls of the KAC Galleries, at the Old Courthouse. Once open, (the community) visitors are able to purchase art right off the wall and walk away with their purchases then and there. This means there is a frenzy of people coming in early to get the perfect piece for them. Rest assured we will have a system in place to limit the number of people in the galleries at one time in accordance with BC’s Health directive. This event is great for artists to show their work and make sales during the holiday season



Various community members come to see what art is available. The art is made by local artists who are members of the Kamloops Arts Council.



Buying local promotes a healthy economy, and the holidays are one of the largest consumer times of the year. The community is able to come together and purchase gifts for their loved ones from local artists, supporting the Kamloops Arts Council at the same time.



WANT TO SPONSOR SMALL // works 2021?

Your sponsorship would result in promoting the community to purchase local art. As well as allowing the Kamloops Arts Council the resources needed to put on this large show with hundreds of pieces of art which needs to be put on the walls, taken down when sold, and replaced.

We would be pleased to have you come on as a sponsor of SMALL//works. Benefits for becoming a sponsor may include: Logo on the posters and/or the galleries, Recognition on KAC website and on all press releases (print, radio &TV), Verbal recognition at the opening, Recognition at and invites to KAC Volunteer and Sponsor Appreciation event/AGM, Mentions on Kamloops Arts Council social media.

We would be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you further!

For more information contact Executive Director Tanya Nielsen by email at [email protected] or by phone at 250.372.7323


Click here for small//WORKS artist guidelines and criteria